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A SIn in White

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Coming Next from Kathryn:

A Sin in White

Book IV in The Seven Deadly Sins series.

He likes to gamble.
She wants a ring upon her finger.
Sin is just part of playing the game
...for better or for worse.

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Indulge in Every Sin

Check out the lastest book in Kathryn's series, The Seven Deadly Sins, about the sexy Sinclair family, who after being forced from Scotland for their wicked ways take London by storm and give all new meaning to the word sin. Book One, To Sin With a Stranger, and Book Two, The Most Wicked of Sins, and Book Three, The Duke's Night of Sin are now available!

The Sinclairs, one of the oldest, wealthiest and revered noble families in all of Scotland, spawned seven children that over the years have become complete embarrassments to the family name. They enjoy a good time, too well, know no boundaries and scandal always splashes wildly in their wake.

When the children were young and left to their own devices, shortly after their mother died and their father, the duke, retreated to his bottle, Society quietly referred to the spoiled, ill-behaved Sinclairs as the Seven Deadly Sins. But though the words were only whispered, the Sinclair children often overheard, and it stung.

After seeing his younger brothers and sisters in tears too many times, the eldest of the headstrong Sinclair children vowed never to let Society’s cruel labels hurt them again. And so, he created a game to help them cope. He divided the seven sins between them all (which wasn't really so hard to do given their natural proclivities) and advised his brothers and sisters to take their assignments to heart and begin behaving in public as each of their particular sins dictated.

Soon, those in society didn't bother to whisper their taunts anymore. But it didn't matter. No tears were ever shed again. The Sinclair children had removed the power from the words by claiming the sins for themselves.

But now the Sinclairs have all reached the age of majority and are no longer playing the game. Haven't for years. And yet, they each unwittingly embody one of the seven deadly sins: Lachlan (lust), Grant (excess/gluttony), Sterling (greed), Siusan (sloth/laziness), Killian (anger/wrath), Ivy (envy), and Priscilla (pride).

Everything, however, is about to change for the seven Sinclairs. Their aged father (who they believe must be going mad) has demanded that each of his wayward children change his or her ways and become a respected member of Society—which, of course, includes proper marriage. He informs them that carriages await just outside to immediately transport the seven of them from Scotland to London, where no one knows their wicked history.

Being a generous man, and fully aware that he is to blame for allowing their excesses, he will give them a small allowance but he will not give them a shilling more, ever—until each of his sons and daughters independently prove themselves worthy of the Sinclair name and position.

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