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Untouched by Anna Campbell

Untouched is the second dark, suspense-packed Regency by Anna Campbell for Avon Books. Like her stirring debut, Claiming the Courtesan, her newest release is very sexy, and very, very emotional. Honestly, when I finished reading it I felt emotionally exhausted, but wishing too that there was more to read. It is the story of a young widow, Grace Paget, who wakes up from a drugged sleep only to find herself imprisoned and soon realizes that if she does not do as she’s told, and seduce Mathew, the Marquess of Sheene, she will die. The Marquess of Sheene is not the hero one might expect with a set up like this. He, too, is a prisoner, having been labeled mad by his uncle. This is where the story takes off in directions readers won’t expect, making this delicious romance a fresh and wickedly sexy departure from the usual.

Heat rating: sizzling. Pick it up as a gift for yourself for the holidays and skip putting the extra log on the fire.� You won’t need it.


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