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How to meet your favorite author in person

A number of readers have asked me if all romance authors know each other. The answer is well, yes. Authors are readers first, after all, and we love to meet our favorite authors too!

How do authors get to know each other? The same way readers get to know authors. We go to book signings (and we do have a bit of an advantage here…we go to a lot of book signings).

The most time efficient way to meet your favorite authors is to attend the annual literacy signing at the Romance Writers of America conference. If you went this year, you could have met several hundred authors at just one signing! This year, the conference was held in San Francisco. ( Tip~ The 2009 conference is scheduled for July 15-18 in Washington, DC. Plan ahead.)

Here are a few pictures from the recent 2008 conference.

Christopher Moore and Kathryn (aka fangirl)

Christopher Moore and Kathryn (aka fangirl)

Teresa Medeiros and Connie Brockway at a tea given by our friend John Charles.

Jill Marie Landis, Kathryn and Liz Carlyle enjoying scones and tea.

Julia Quinn and Carrie Ferron wearing their fab nearly matching shawls.

Avon publisher, Liate Stehlik, Suzanne Enoch and Kathryn at the HarperCollins reception.

Lucia Macro, Executive Editor Morrow/Avon and her adoring author Kathryn.

The Amazons~ Kathryn, Sophia Nash, Pam Jaffee (Avon uber publicist), Sue Grimshaw (romance buyer for Borders/Waldenbooks) and author Laura Lee Guhrke.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Sue Grimshaw at the Avon dinner.

Pamela Palmer, Mary Lenaburg, Diane Gaston and Kathryn from Washington Romance Writers.

At Nora Robert’s pre-RITA bash~ Sophia Nash, Elaine Fox, Kathryn and Hope Tarr.

Toni Blake (RITA finalist), Kathryn and Julie Anne Long in their awards night finery.

Kathryn and Susan Crandall at the literacy signing just before the doors opened.


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