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“I don’t know but I’ve been told, gotta write this book before I’m old.”

Step by step: how Kathryn writes a romance

PREP~ It’s has been awhile since I have added to my Novel Bootcamp, but now is the perfect time because I am writing a new book.  The book is the third about the Sinclair family, the Seven Deadly Sins.  This time I have prepped more than I ever have.  Avon author Cathy Maxwell had recommended, once upon a time, that I take the Discovering Story Class by Robin Perini and Laura Baker.  I had attended their workshops at the RWA conference once before and so I signed up for the Master’s Class.  Amazing.  I so highly recommend the experience that I bought my sister (an [...]

Prep Week Begins- Light Plotting

This is my week to prep. I hate this part of the book writing process because it’s not really writing. It’s like when you’re a kid and you have to clean your room before you can go outside and play. But it’s got to be done. Otherwise the actual writing of the book will take a lot longer in the rewriting stage. Task 1: The logline. In 25 words or less tell what your story is about. For me, the more high-concept the idea the better (see archives for discussion about High Concept). This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’re looking for what makes [...]

How to Beat Procrastination

Oh, procrastination. We are old friends. This is stage of the writing process when I will do about anything to avoid digging in real, honest to goodness writing.   I have great excuses to put off writing for a bit longer. I have a galley due tomorrow and I just received revisions for my October book that need to be on my editor’s desk by St. Patrick’s Day. (Is there still life outside my studio?) St. Patty’s is an easy deadline day to remember…for a girl with a bit of Irish blood in her veins. Turn in the book revisions, then celebrate with a [...]

What is High Concept?

Okay, it has been a while, and while I wish I could say I have been busy writing…I can’t. Until today, the pressure just wasn’t overwhelming enough to force my muse to come out and do her job. I did promise to answer questions though, and I seem to be getting two questions over and over again. When in a recent article my agent mentioned my debut novel, Rules of Engagement, as an example of high concept, emails started rolling in from everywhere. Most emails started with a story overview, and then went on to ask if the premise was high concept or not. So, [...]

Research–How to Know How Much is Enough

Okay, what’s today? I am supposed to have written how many pages by now? The kids have two days off for teacher planning, my husband is out of town on business…hmm, I didn’t have this on my calendar. Insert reality into my perfect schedule. Looks like I will be writing this weekend to catch up. Well, I mightn’t have been able to write as much as I’d planned, but I did trade emails with Regency expert Nancy Mayers about a plot point, turned in my cover ideas to my editor (yes, the cover conference for my October 2006 book is this week) and started thumbing [...]

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