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Category Archives: Far Flung Places

Let’s Go! So many places to see, things to do… so little time.

Two New Foreign Releases

On Saturday, I received three boxes in the mail. I’m thinking Mothers Day gifts–but three? I only have two kids, and one is already home from college. Then, I noticed that one of the boxes had a return address I couldn’t make out even if I could find my reading glasses (Greek?) I plunged a knife into that box first and, to my surprise, pulled out a copy of (I quickly looked at the copyright since that was the only text in English) To Sin With a Stranger in Russian.  Cool.  I’d been told the title was a bestseller in Russian, so it was great to [...]

What I did this summer–got married in a castle in Scotland!

So, when a romance author (who absolutely adores Scottish heroes) gets married, where does she tie the knot?  In Scotland, of course!  On August 11th, I married my kilted hero in the chapel at Dalhousie Castle in Scotland.  The rings were delivered by a little owl to my daughter who gave them to the minister to be blessed.  Check out a few photos (more to come–including a few of “Ted” the owl.)

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